WWE 212

General Information

210ft x 70ft x 14ft flat top cargo barge, 4p mooring, 25t winches, 20t/m2 deck space and 2 spuds (to be equipped with upto 700t crawler crane)

Technical specifications

Year/Place Built2011/PT. Natwell Shipyard
Main Dimensions
Length64.008m/ 210ft
Breadth21.34m / 70ft
Depth loaded 4.27m / 14ft
Deck loading20t / m2
DWT 3500 Ton
Deck Equipment
Anchors6 x delta flippers: 3500 KG each
Winch6×1 drum 25T
6 x universal roller fairleads for40 mm wire
Transver bulkheads7
Navigation lightSolar powered
Winch speed10/ 14 m/min
Winch Power72 HP
6 x Horizontal deck sheaves for40 mm wire
Longitudinal Bulkhead2
Mooring bollards8x double bits